United States Soryu Karate Federation

Bio Profiles

Chris Lopez - 8th Dan

The founder of the US Soryu Karate Federation. Chris Lopes began his karate instruction on 22 April, 1967, at the Pan American Center, located at East 3rd and Canadian in Austin, Texas, under the tutelage of Sensei Joe Alvarado.  Of that original class of 30, only two arrived at the rank of black belt. Mr. Jessie Ortegon, a semi pro boxer, was Sensei Alvarado's first black belt student, Mr. Lopez was his second. Mr. Ortegon, was was tested for second Dan on the day Mr. Lopez tested for his 1st Dan. Mr. Ortegon left shortly after there after.  Thus, Mr. Lopez is Mr. Alvarado's senior student, a fact which was made manifest in 1988 when Mr. Alvarado announced his retirement after he promoted Mr. Lopez to his 6th Dan and announcing him the heir apparent.



Ida Lopez - 7th Dan

Ida Lopez earned her 1st Dan in 1975..



Avery Escobdo - 7th Dan




Jeff Bonugli - 7th Dan

Jeff Bonugli started karate in 1975 under Sensei Chris and Ida Lopez. In 1978 as a green belt, Jeff beat the undefeated state champion in the Houston's Karate Olympics.  Jeff's fighting record is impressive ranking number 1 in Texas multiple times.  Jeff Received his 1st Dan Black Belt in 1979.  Jeff Bonugli now teaches in Spring Branch and San Antonio.




Jimmy Santellan - 5th Dan




Jesse Lussier - 5th Dan




Bill Daggett - 4th Dan




Jay Council - 5th Dan

Jay Council was one of Mr. Lopezís first students with Jeff Bonugli and Arvey Escobado in 1974 at the age of fourteen.  Mr. Councils speed and power, quickly made him well know on the tournament circuit.  Mr. Council regularly won matches above his age and belt ranking.  After college and creating a family Mr. Council came back and earned his Black Belt and opened his own school and eventually combined his dojo with Mr. Williams.  They co-instruct at the Soryu School of Martial Arts in New Braunfels, Texas.


Stoney Williams - 5th Dan

Started martial arts under Master Jeff Bonugli in 1979.  He was a member of the 2nd generation of the ďGladiatorsĒ the Soryu tournament fighting team that followed in the footsteps of the original team fighting wining tournaments around the state.  After Mr. Bonugli moved his school out of town, Mr. Williams transferred to Master Lopezís school as a green belt eventually earning his Black Belt after Graduation for the University of Texas.  Mr. Williams began teaching for Mr. Lopez as a brown belt and took over full instruction of the school after Mr. Lopezís retirement from full time teaching.  Mr. Williams and Mr. Jay Council currently own and operate the Soryu School of Martial Arts in New Braunfels, Texas.


Herb Barbee - 3rd Dan




Johnny Capado - 3rd Dan




Gerald "Tuper" Woord - 3rd Dan - Deceased 1994




Mario Sotto - 3rd Dan - Deceased 2001 




Robert Bone - 2nd Dan



Brad Ritter - 1st Dan



Brian Munoz - 1st Dan




Shawnie Brown - 2ns Dan

Shawnie Brown started karate in 1998 under Jeff Bonugli. In 1998 as a purple belt, Shawnie won the Black Belt continuous sparring division at Houston's Karate Olympics.  By the end of 1998, Shawnie Brown was ranked the #1 Black Belt fighter in Texas, #3 in Mexico and #5 in the U.S.A.  She continued her dominance of Texas until February 2000 when she became pregnant with her first child. She continued to teach and train during this period. Shawnie Received her 1st Dan Black Belt in February 2002 and her 2nd Dan on July 10, 2006.  Shawnie Brown has a passion for teaching women and teens self-defense and self-confidence. She continues to teach in San Antonio, Texas.


Holly Stretz - 1st Dan




Brian Johnson - 1st Dan




Larry Stretz - 1st Dan




Tinker Bonugli - 1st Dan Sr. Black Belt
Tinker Bonugli earned her Senior Black Belt June 17, 2004.





Robert Bulter - 1st Dan Sr. Black Belt
Robert Butler earned his Senior Black Belt June 17, 2004.





Katherine Renzo - 1st Dan Jr. Black Belt
Katherine Renzo earned her Junior Black Belt June 10, 2004.





Rose Steward - 1st Dan Jr. Black Belt
Rose Steward earned her Junior Black Belt June 10, 2004.